Absentia corset model

Hi everyone!
Welcome on my website, which contains my work as a model, clothing designer and a photographer. Since I can remember my life has always revolved around art.
I try to connect photography and corsets which are my greatest passion. I'm happy to share my work with you.
Feel free to contact me, I'm always open for cooperation.

Fot. Aneta Pawska

I wish to invite you to work with me on promoting your products through artistic photographs.

I have been organizing photoshoots for many years, I have a personal studio, my own dedicated assistant photographer and great knowledge of places for outdoor photoshoots for various styles to produce a quality photographs.

I often work with corsets and create matching accessories to bring out the best from the creations I am wearing.

I also create short promotional movies of the photoshoot and the photos are present on my many social media that I run.

Feel free to contact me on absentia.veil@gmail.com

Some of the brands I worked with:

Askasu: www.askasudesign.com
Alice Corsets: www.alicecorsets.com
Aeternum Nocturne Gothic Jewelry: www.nocturnegothicjewelry.com
Attitude Holland: www.attitudeholland.nl
Black Milk: www.blackmilkclothing.com
Burleska Corsets: www.burleska.co.uk
Dark in Closet: www.darkincloset.com
Dark in Love: www.darkinlove.com
Devil Inspired: www.devilinspired.com
Devil Night: www.devilnight.co.uk
Eternally Thirsty: www.facebook.com/eternallythirsty
Equinox Jewelry & Accessories: www.etsy.com/shop/VictoriaEquinox
Fangahra Corsets: fangahra.net
Faun Forge: www.faun-forge.com
Henna Hygge: www.hennahygge.pl
Killstar: www.killstar.com
Maria Heller Designs: www.etsy.com/shop/MariaHellerDesigns
M'era Luna Festival: www.meraluna.de
Mystic Thread: www.mysticthread.com
Moriel Corsetry: www.morielcorsetry.com
Orchard Corset: www.orchardcorset.com
Papercats Corsets: www.papercatscorsets.pl
Pixel Strix: www.etsy.com/shop/pixelstrix
Raven Market: www.ravenmarket.pl
Rebel Madness: www.rebelmadness.pl
Red Selena: www.etsy.com/shop/RedSelena
Royal Black Couture & Corsetry: www.royalblack.at
Timeless Trends: www.timeless-trends.com
True Corset: www.truecorset.com
Trickery: www.trickery.com.au
Twisted Apparel: www.twistedappareluk.com
Lady Sloth: ladysloth.storenvy.com
Lovely Rat's Corsetry: www.lovelyrats.com
Wonderland Couture: www.facebook.com/wonderlandmc
V-Couture: www.v-couture.de