About me

Fot. Aneta Pawska

Absentia corset model

To create something has always been my passion. From drawing, writing texts, playing guitar, singing and finally taking pictures (photography). My projects are a result of carefull planning of every detail to work with my vision. I design clothes and accessories that are shown on the photographs well as doing makeup and hair. I also do the work of a photographer (often with the help of my trusty assistant that is an extension of me or using a self timer). Thanks to this the end result is always the way I imagine it and I am self-sufficient as an artist.

My passion for photography has begun in 2010. At first it was limited to modeling and styling. I also worked with many Polish photographers. Thanks to that my passion for photography grew and evolved into creating my own photographs.

I am a big enthusiast of corsetes which are an often reoccurring theme in my photographs. I have been collecting them for over 10 years and my collection counts over 70 corsets that are often designed by me and custom made by talented corsetieres. I constantly keep expanding my knowledge of corsets and I have begun to make my own. I spend my free time running my Veil workshop - a place where most of my creations are made.